normal life doesnt exist?

what if I say "normal life does not exist"?

Suddenly, I agree with that thought. Why? After I lived for nearly 19 years, and after I met so many people in my life, I started thinking about many things.

I've heard many stories of life from many sources. And way of life every person is very different. No one I ever met has a way of life is exactly the same way other people live.So, how can we create a category of "normal life"? category of "normal" for each person and each life is definitely different.

Everything in this world basically go to a regularity. Way of life of all people are different,but still leads to a regularity. I admit the truth of it. Therefore, by realizing that there is no the right provision for a category of "normal life", we should not demand much in this life. Moreover, if the demand is because comparing our lives with the lives of others. God has ruled our lives, try to believe that all this leads to regularity.

But if you don't believe in God, I don't want to serve you for arguing:)

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