• Friend: Why do you keep a few things that can remind you about your ex?
  • Me: Because, if I throw it away, it means I'm trying hard to forget him. But in reality, I dont have to try hard to forget him. And every time I see the stuff about him, I dont feel the same feelings as I used to feel when we were together. For me, it's all just an inanimate object. Just to decorate the room


From Netherland.

"maybe i like you more than i should.. but if you will... take the best man out there ok? you are such a perfect women and there is no way you deserve anything less then the one who is best for you."



/Open your heart/

Everyone is looking for happiness. Therefore, they tried to get the best environment, best education, only to get the best job. They think happiness is when they can buy big houses, luxury vehicles, and all items with famous brand.

They are wrong. I can assure you, they are wrong.

Happiness is simple. Happiness is in our own hearts. Thus, we cant pursue happiness. Because, happiness is a form of wealth heart. A healthy heart. An honest heart.

So, why go around the world with an empty heart?


M for Memory

There's one stupid thing I did while in the classroom. I take a blank white paper, and began to write on the paper. I wrote the word "memory". Then I decorate it and make shading. Then I remove it with my eraser.

I did it repeatedly. I wrote the word "memory", decorate it, create shading, and remove it. More than ten times.

And for the last time, I deleted everything again. I tried to make the paper white and clean again. But I cant. Although I had to completely remove the word, that word still leave a mark on the paper. Yes, the word is "memory".

This is what happens when we try to forget a memory ever present in our lives
. However, memory was definitely leave a mark.


Saya selalu berusaha bersyukur dengan segala hal yang pernah terjadi dalam hidup saya. Seberapa banyak kesalahan, kekhilafan ataupun kesialan yang pernah ada dalam hidup saya; sebesar itu juga saya belajar banyak hal. This is called : "experience".

Setiap orang bisa datang dan pergi ke dalam hidup Saya. Sekedar numpang lewat, numpang ngeberantakin hidup saya, atau lebih dari itu: memberikan banyak hal baru. I am very grateful to the new colors that each person gave to me. They made me learn about many things.

Tapi sekarang saya menyadari satu hal : setiap kehadiran dan kepergian seseorang dalam hidup saya, tidak harus membuat saya menyimpan dendam atau perasaan-perasaan buruk lainnya. Saya terlalu sibuk untuk menyimpan dendam.

Tapi, terlalu banyak juga orang yang singgah dan tidak pernah pergi.. Terimakasih :)


Tuhan tidak pernah kemana-mana. Kita lah yang bergerak jauh seolah-olah menentang Tuhan, sanggup bertahan tanpa Dia.

Tapi, memberikan maaf bukanlah hal yang sulit bagi Tuhan.

ya Allah, aku mohon ampun.. Hanya pada-Mu.


How I Met Your Mother

When you date someone, it’s like you’re taking a class in them and when you break up, it’s like all that knowledge is useless. It’s the emotional equivalent of an English degree.

-How I Met Your Mother


When I saw this picture, I see the shadow of myself there. Looks great, but far from anything..

picture from : photographic-energy.tumblr.com


New family, "The Purple People", yes Purple is a new Black :)