I love these candid photos. Everyone laughed ;D


K acau

saya kacau. saya mengacau, saya pengacau, saya dikacaukan, saya mengacaui, saya mengacaukan, saya tidak peduli lagi bahasa baku atau kata dasar kacau harus berimbuhan apa, saya mengacaukan tata bahasa, saya..

saya kacau.

Saya menulis seperti orang mengigau


Bunyi ketika kita jatuh terbanting pada alas baja


Bunyi ketika kita jatuh melebur hancur pada alas beton

Bayangkan jika hal itu terjadi pada urutan suatu peristiwa. Apa yang ada dalam benak mu? Apa yang akan kalian ekspektasikan?

Saya menulis seperti orang mengigau. Mengecil. Menjauh dari sudut pandang bumi, menggunakan kecepatan cahaya menuju Andromeda.


Nggak tau mau posting apa.

Nggak tau apa yang sekarang sedang saya pikirkan.

Nggak ngerti sama apa yang berputar-putar di dalam otak saya.

Saya cuma ingin menyampah.

Membuat sedikit goresan sampah.

Saya. Bingung.


Hectic week

This week is a very busy week. Already a few days, I'm staying at my friend's house to study hard for exams. Lack of sleep. Stamina decreases. Facing a lot of exam material. I decided, I will soon be a zombie. But, there are some things I want to tell here along with photos. But I dont have much time. And now I miss my family who lived in another city .. * sigh



after many foreign bands were present in Indonesia but I cannot watch them because of the very busy campus activities, I could finally watch one of my favorite band's concert that is Tahiti 80! They are all very awesome! But very unfortunately, they don't want the audience to photograph them using the flash. Maybe they would feel disturbed by it, but for me it doesn't matter

They sang many songs, some of the old albums and some of the new album. Honestly I havent bought their new album so I can only dance but cant sing along because I dont know the lyrics of songs from the new album.

They've played total, and also looks very attractive. But I was disappointed with most of the audience. They were just quiet, no dancing. It seems they cant appreciate the effort that Tahiti 80 were doing on stage. Or maybe the audience came only to hear the "Heartbeat" song? Huhhh...

Ohya! When the atmosphere is quiet, I shouted "I LOVE YOU" to them, and Xavier as the lead singer replied: "I love you too .." oh my God! Some people around me immediately looked over at me and I said to them, "he was saying it to me! TO ME!" hihi, yap! TO ME, guys! :D

normal life doesnt exist?

what if I say "normal life does not exist"?

Suddenly, I agree with that thought. Why? After I lived for nearly 19 years, and after I met so many people in my life, I started thinking about many things.

I've heard many stories of life from many sources. And way of life every person is very different. No one I ever met has a way of life is exactly the same way other people live.So, how can we create a category of "normal life"? category of "normal" for each person and each life is definitely different.

Everything in this world basically go to a regularity. Way of life of all people are different,but still leads to a regularity. I admit the truth of it. Therefore, by realizing that there is no the right provision for a category of "normal life", we should not demand much in this life. Moreover, if the demand is because comparing our lives with the lives of others. God has ruled our lives, try to believe that all this leads to regularity.

But if you don't believe in God, I don't want to serve you for arguing:)