it's really really virgo!

A #Virgo will keep trying before they ask for help... that is, if they ever ask.

You may never know a #virgo is worried or stressed because of their ability to display a cool and calm demenor.

A #virgo will measure every angle of a fall before they even consider taking it. They must be sure you're worth it.

#Virgos make no pretenses; Exactly what they say is exactly how they feel.

#Virgos like to solve their own problems.

#Virgos are interesting, well versed and charming conversationalist.

A #virgo would rather have a few close friends over a lot of random, social acquaintances.

What ever a #virgo does, they must do it thoroughly and get it exactly right or they will feel dissatisfied.

#Virgos are motivational friends. They're the ones you call when you feel like stopping.

Fall in love with a #Virgo and the intensity can be MIND-blowing.

Most #virgos have the ability to see many angles of a situation. This makes them the perfect person to seek advice from.

A #Virgo doesn't need anyone to agree with them. They are usually comfortable enough with themselves to stand alone if they have to.

#Virgos are emotional beings, but when making situational decisions, emotion plays a small role while logic is the main character.

What a #virgo feels on the inside, may not be what they display on the outside.

#Virgos hate overly dramatic people.

A #virgo will only give their whole heart or they won't give it at all.... All or nothing.

#virgos question everything.

If a #virgo doesn't like you, its obvious. You wont have to wonder about it.

If a #Virgo warms up to you, you will discover so many wonderful layers of personality you didn't know existed.

You could hate a #virgo, but they could care less if you don't matter to them.

A #virgo always has something smart to say, even if they don't say it.

#Virgos are very SELF AWARE. Before you can tell a virgo about themselves, they already know.

A #virgo only knows how to love with authenticity.

#Virgos live in their mind so they have no problems telling you what's on it.

#Virgos have a lovey-dovey mushy side, it only comes out for that special person though.

In a relationship w/ a #virgo, even the smallest efforts to make them happy don't go unnoticed. They appreciate it & will show you how much.

A #virgo will not agree with a friend/lover if they're wrong. They would rather them grow from the truth.

A #virgo is always trying to see into the future. They have a strong need to be prepared and they love to be steps ahead of the rest.

Unfortunately, its not hard to annoy a #virgo.

It is very hard to read a #virgo, they are illusive with emotions.

#Virgos do not like to leave things unsaid or undone.

A #virgo friend/lover gives the best advice. They will help you see more than just your side, while still being on your side.

#Virgos love a plan, & is annoyed if you change it at the last minute.

source: @virgonation

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