seorang teman menyuruh gue untuk membuka web ini dan mendapatkan test result gue sendiri. Semacam tes kepribadian gitu.. Dan hasilnya gue termasuk Energetic Doer (cheerful and spontaneous persons) hwihiii tepaaat :)

Penjelasannya panjaaang banget, tapi dari semuanya yg gue rasa itu hampir tepat atau persis tepat dengan kepribadian gue adalah :
-They are charming and full of energy and real persons of action
-popular problem solvers (kata temen-temen)
-Energetic Doers live completely in the here and now and make spontaneous decisions from one moment to the next
-they love being together with other people and are sensuous, lively and amusing conversationalists
-Energetic Doers magically attract fun and action
-They are bored to death by routine, safety and calculability
-They react to new challenges flexibly and effectively
-They say how something has to be done and that’s that!

In a relationship :
-Charismatic, lively, and passionate, you have no problems finding a partner to charm (mungkin)
-You want someone on your side with whom you can share lots of fun and action, who loves life as much as you, and is ready for any adventure (YESSS!)
-All too complicated harmony-needy, and security-minded personalities are not a good choice for you in the long term. They’ll bore you very quickly (HAHA)
-You will be faithful as long as the excitement between you is alive and well

Adjectives which describe your type:
extroverted, practical, logical, spontaneous, resolved, direct, objective, conscientious, attentive, likes taking risks, cheerful, impulsive, optimistic, sociable, enthusing, full of the joys of life, aggressive, inconsiderate, dynamic, lively, rash, competition-oriented, action-loving, energetic, charming, superior, solution-oriented, adventurous, go-ahead, changeable, outgoing

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